Burgers & Brews At The M Resort

First of all, Las Vegas has no shortage of amazing burger places. You can get them in almost every variety and way you can imagine. From a gourmet Kobe burger at the top of the finest casinos and at the all night drive down the road at In N' Out. Even when it comes to cheap burgers (i.e. under $8), you're going to find that the Las Vegas valley is a virtual Mecca of excellent burger choices. You name the chain, and they've probably got a location in Las Vegas. But in the midst of all of those amazing choices, is Anthony's Gourmet Burgers & Brews At The M Resort. This is a restaurant that not only offers an excellent burger, they offer an amazing atmosphere and excellent prices too!

This Is An Awesome Location To Enjoy A Meal

Located inside the M Resort just off South Las Vegas Blvd, Burgers and Brews is located inside a central large space within the casino, leading to an almost open air experience that is somewhat away from the main casino floor. One can't help but be impacted by the sheer size and openness or the location, back-dropped by a beautiful view of the pool area as well. This is an amazing resort casino, and Anthony's occupies a prime location.

What About The Burgers?

They're excellent and so is the other food. The Angus Sliders for $10.99 were a big hit at our table, along with the bison burger and the sweet potato fries. Other sandwiches include other I.P.A. Burger and chicken sandwich. Some say they have the best burgers in the area. All in all we thought the place was excellent and a very good value too. And, and one more thing, the margaritas are excellent!

Anothiny's serves breakfast daily from 7 am to 11am. Lunch Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 4pm and Dinner daily 4pm to 10pm. See OpenTable for easy reeservations.

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