Las Vegas
Henderson Short Term Vacation Rentals Approved

The City of Henderson has unanimously approved short term rentals within the city limits, and at the same time promised to be vigilant with the enforcement of the still to be clarified rules and regulations. This is a boon for legitimate locals and businesses in who operate short term rentals, as well as the larger players such as Airbnb and HomeAway.

There are many vacation rentals operating already within the county, though many do so at risk of enforcement. Las Vegas does not allow short term rentals with city limits and the county enforces on a complaint basis. By creating a legal method for operating short term vacation rentals in the City of Henderson, this will no doubt help to address the need for legal and sanctioned vacation rentals near Las Vegas.

The issue is of course still contentious, and no doubt there will still be much public debate. The outcome remains to be seen, but this is a step in the right direction so long as the enforcement of the regulations happens and the regulations are designed to keep rentals within reason.

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