Las Vegas

Beginning July 1, 2017, Nevada medical cannabis vendors will begin selling marijuana to all Nevada residents and visitors over the age of 21. People who wish to do so will be able to visit select medical dispensaries in town and purchase up to an ounce of weed for recreational use. The hitch is that public consumption of against the law, and because marijuana use is still a federal crime, casinos will not likely allow smoking pot in their hotel rooms. This will leave visitors without an easy solution for consumption.

Nevada's "early start program" for recreational marijuana sales is designed to allow local dispensaries and the government to stay on top of the business as it takes hold and to make sure implementation is optimal. Under the program, current medical dispensaries who chose to participate in the program will be the first dispensaries to lo open for recreational customers. Recreational only dispensaries will not be able to open until January 1st, 2018, once the early start program ends.

Nevadans approved recreational marijuana with 54 percent of the vote on Question 2. It remains to be seen how pot will affect Las Vegas. But if other places are any indication, the results will likely go largely unnoticed by the general population. The most predictable outcome will be that after all the newness and novelty wears off, recreation marijuana in Nevada and Las Vegas will be no big deal at all. The stigma for pot is quickly blending into the background and much wider acceptance exists today than ever before.


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