When it comes to enjoying the nighttime, Las Vegas has no shortage of options. Both on and off The Strip, there are choices to cuit every taste and preference. One of the best and most recent is a hip and happening place called The LINQ. Comprised of what was essentially a service alley and the former Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino, The LINQ now offers an awesome and fun filled nighttime (or daytime) experience.

The LINQ Is A Great Place To Start Exploring The Strip

Whether you're coming to Las Vegas for fun or business, there's going to come a time when you'll want to relax and enjoy yourself a bit. And you know, that's always an easy thing to do in Las Vegas, except maybe by the swimming pool. However, there are a few public places where, even with a lot of people around, relaxed enjoyment is possible. The LINQ is one such place. This is a happening collection of trendy stores and restaurants punctuated by The High Roller, an incredibly massive Ferris Wheel offering incredible views of Las Vegas.

Fountains at The LINQ


Bowl To Some Of The Best Music

Take for example The Brooklyn Bowl. This combination bar-club-bowling alley hosts some of the hottest acts appearing in Vegas. It's not uncommon to see acts like Blue October and Gigamesh playing here, and the list of regular bands and DJs is amazing. This is truly a great place to hang, whether you looking for some great food or music or just want to bowl in a super trendy and hip place that overlooks the sweet spot in The LINQ landscape. Outstanding any way you look at it.

The High Roller Is The World's Lagest Ferris Wheel

If you have a half-hour to spare and want to get up off the ground, The High Roller can give you some unriveled views of the city. This massive Ferris wheel is really something to see, even unto itself. The nearly ever-running attraction will take you around the circuit in little more than a hour hour. You'll enjoy the spectacular views from a large airconditioned gondola that can house enough people for a small party. Even though the views are amazing, there is little to encourage any fear beyond that. The ride is comfortable and smooth and you can easily stand thoughout the entire experience.

Avoid The Strip Traffic And Use The LINQ Valet

And last but not least, The LINQ is an easy way to enjoy the Las Vegas Strip without having to endure a bunch of traffic. The LINQ Valet is right at the base oif the Ferris Wheel and affords easy parking for only $8. Avoid the traffic in the lots and traversing floors of parking to find your car. Let these pros do it for you in Las Vegas style, and enjoy yourself with a little less hassle. Then, after you make your way through The LINQ and to the boulevard, you'll find yourself right in the middle of everything. Ceasers Palace is right acroiss the road and there are more casinoes and shopping in every direction.

Enjoy The LINQ and let us know what you think!

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