This Is The Best List Of The Best Of Las Vegas

For locals, The Best of Las Vegas list is a go-to reference for where to find what they're looking for. For visitors, it's one of the best ways to discover some of the real Las Vegas gems in a see of diamonds. It's true! Vegas offers much more than your typical city and even more than your typical tourist destination. Except for places like New York City and Paris, Las Vegas is probably offers more choices for excellent food and entertainment anywhere. Year after year, The Las Vegas Weekly publishes their Best Of Vegas, which is based on the unbiased opinions of both readers and professions alike.

The Best of Vegas list is updated every year to reflect the latest opinions. The latest list for 2017 has just been released. Topics covered this year include some new entries, such as Readers' Choice Best Dispensary. A sign of the times in Las Vegas for sure. Other topics on the list include the following...

Best Food

  • Best New Neighborhood Mindblower
  • Best New Strip Mindblower
  • Readers' Choice—Best Steakhouse
  • Best Butcher Shop
  • Best Dish That’ll Make You Consider Go
  • Readers' Choice—Best Burger Joint
  • Best Instant Brunch
  • Best Pre-Show Downtown Meal
  • Readers' Choice—Best Coffeehouse
  • Readers' Choice—Best Sushi Spot
  • Best Poke PalaceBest Transplanted Regional Favorite
  • Best New French EscapeBest Strip Arrival
  • Readers' Choice—Best Taco Shop
  • Most Inventive Coffee Shop
  • Best BrisketReaders' Choice—Best Vegas Chef
  • Best Neighborhood Arrival
  • Best Street Sandwich
  • Best Downtown Spot to Take a Suburbanite
  • Readers' Choice—Best Buffet
  • Best Dessert Mashup
  • Readers' Choice—Best Pizzeria

Arts & Entertainment

  • Best Festival
  • Best Concert-Promoting Force of Nature
  • Best Band Vegas Stole
  • Best Emerging Voice
  • Best Hip-Hop Swiss Army
  • Reader's Choice—Best Music Venue
  • Reader's Choice—Best Vegas Band
  • Best New Local Album
  • Reader's Choice—Best Cover Band
  • Best New Local Radio
  • Reader's Choice—Best Production Show
  • Best Place to Catch Rising Comics
  • Reader's Choice—Best Strip Headliner
  • Best Girls Night Out
  • Reader's Choice—Best Comedian
  • Reader's Choice—Best Art Gallery
  • Best New Resident
  • Most Active Artist
  • Best Place to Get Flustered by Modern Vi
  • Best Freebie
  • Best Art Collective
  • Best New Theater Company
  • Best New Art Gallery
  • Readers’ Choice—Best Wine Bar


  • Best Pool Party
  • Best Alternative Pool Party
  • Best Nightlife Institution
  • Best Picnic with Strip Views
  • Best Luxury Hideaway
  • Readers' Choice—Best Headlining DJ
  • Best Discovery in Waiting
  • Readers' Choice—Best Local DJ
  • Readers' Choice—Best Lounge
  • Best Dive Bar
  • Readers' Choice—Best Dayclub
  • Readers' Choice—Best Megaclub
  • Readers' Choice—Best Industry Night
  • Readers' Choice—Best Nightclub Hospital

Booze & Bars

  • Most Inventive Local Beer
  • Best New Downtown Hangout
  • Best New Cocktail
  • Best New Cocktail Bar
  • Best Under-the-Radar Beer Selection
  • Best Strip Booze Deal
  • Readers’ Choice—Best Cocktail Lounge
  • Readers’ Choice—Best Happy Hour
  • Readers’ Choice—Best Sports Bar
  • Readers’ Choice—Best Local Brewery
  • Readers’ Choice—Best Beer List

This & That

  • Best Vegas History Lesson
  • Best Local Activist Group
  • Best Local Boutique
  • Best Yoga Studio
  • Best Hotel Pool for Locals
  • Best Free Strip Parking
  • Best Local Celebrity You’ll Probably Recognize
  • Best Free Wifi Work Spot
  • Best Vegas Tchotchkes
  • Best Activism Warrior
  • Best Pro Team
  • Best Alternative Wedding
  • Best Place to Escape the Bright Lights
  • Readers’ Choice—Best Outdoor Escape
  • Readers’ Choice—Best Gentlemen’s Club
  • Readers’ Choice—Best Sports Book
  • Readers’ Choice—Best Vegas Athlete
  • Readers’ Choice—Best Strip Casino
  • Readers’ Choice—Best Neighborhood Casino
  • Readers’ Choice—Best Instagram Feed
  • Readers’ Choice—Best Local Hero
  • Readers’ Choice—Best Park
  • Readers’ Choice—Best Dispensary

We recommend checking The Las Vegas Weekly often for the latest about what's going on in town. They are a reliable and up to date source for not only the best of Las Vegas, but just about everything else going on around here too.

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