unicorn frappuccinoOur Review on the Unicorn Frappuccino

Packed with sugar and color we just HAD to try this crazy new limited time drink from Starbucks. Not only is it attractive by its color but its label as well. What coffee lover doesn’t drool when they see the Starbucks logo? People wonder though, did they create this crazy drink because it’s actually a good and unique idea, or are they just trying to take our money? Whether it's a publicity stunt or not, we took a gamble and tried it to see what the fuss was about.

First off, it is a very eye catching drink. The color is blinding. Everyone in the store starred at us when we picked up our "drinks" from the bar when they called our names. We don't blame them. It does look like you just ordered blended playdough with whipped cream and sprinkles (the baristas call it "fairy dust"). We suggest going through the drive thru to avoid being oggled.

Our first impressions were actually pretty good. The fruity drink was quite pleasant and wasn't as sweet as we expected. Then we "swirled it" as instructed by Starbucks and mixed in the ridiculously sour syrup. Then the drink just became silly and we ended just taking occasional sips here and there, not really finishing it even with the smallest size. We love coffee and this drink ultimately does the same thing and gives you energy boost but with more of a sugar high feeling and a harder crash. It's a decent drink with a fun twist, just not worth the calories or the money. Thanks anyways Starbucks! We'll stick with our usual fun drinks at Frankies Tiki Bar.

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